Canola Meal: A Perfect Source Of Protein

Studies conducted show that a canola meal is a rich source of protein for the farm animals. It is a very economical option when it comes to purchasing protein food for cattle. Hence, a canola meal is becoming a highly popular choice for feeding the cattle.

Origin of Canola meal and its usage in a poultry diet
Canola meal saw its origin from the rapeseed meal. Canola meal is having a rich nutritional composition with an amino acid profile in good amounts. Along with enhancing the amino acid value, it even reduced the composition ratio of the non-nutritional components. This variation of a rapeseed meal consists of oil that is low in glucosinolates. Canola is produced as a by-product of an oil-extraction process. Being rich in amino acids and low on a euric diet, it is an essential inclusive in any poultry diet. The most common usage of canola meal is seen in the diet of a laying hen. It can also be used for ducks, geese, etc. However, the percentage of canola to be made part of the diet depends on the type of animals into consideration. Canola is fairly low in its energy content when compared to SBM. Hence, it can be paired up with a little fat to cover up for the energy level of the meal. The ‘hulls’ present in a canola meal has a tendency to stick on the insides of the digestive tract of animals. Hence, usage needs to be monitored.

Canola Meal Price does justice to its nutritive value
As mentioned above, canola meal is high on amino content but low on crude protein content. Therefore, it limits the lysine in the meal. The nutritive value of different components of canola varies in different countries. However, it can certainly be used as the ultimate source of protein in poultry diets. To know about the canola meal prices, check out the Meal Brokers website. Since its establishment, it has undoubtedly been the finest providers of food for the farm the animals. Get the best quality meal products for your cattle at Meal brokers.

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