Meal Brokers: The Place To Get Apt DDGS Prices And Quality

Distilled Dried Grains with Solubles (DDGS) is commonly produced as a co-product in the production of ethanol. When gasoline and cereals are blended together to produce ethanol, DDGS is produced in one-third ratio alongside. In this DDGS produced, necessary Solubles are added to make an excellent meal to be fed to the cattle and livestock.

DDGS price and nutrient value
DDGS has a composition that is relatively rich in fats, proteins as well as phosphorus. There is a reduction in the protein content, lysine to be specific, in the DDGS produced because of excessive heat supplied during the drying process.
The DDGS price value is not stagnant. It tends to fluctuate more if compared relatively to other dietary foods for the livestock. However, to get the best DDGS price as well as quality, Meal Brokers is the best supplier one can opt for. Offering high quality cattle food products at affordable prices, it has been a successful supplier in the field since its establishment.

Distilled Dried Grains with Solubles: Ideal food for cattle
The best part about feeding the farm animals Distilled Dried Grains with Solubles is that it acts as both, a protein as well as an energy supplement. Feeding DDGS to the farm animals enhances their efficiency and reduces the risk of sub-acute acidosis is pigs. The sugar and starch are completely removed from the co-product that is generated during ethanol production. Hence, the DDGS generated is completely starch-free, thus, making it more beneficial.
Order the best food for your cattle today! Place your order with Meal brokers and sit back carefree as you will receive the best quality food for your livestock. DDGS is available in rice, corn as well as other varieties. Pick the suitable ones for your requirements. Provide your cattle with the best to get the best in return from them.

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