What is Rapeseed Meal?
Rapeseed meal is nothing but a finely powdered substance obtained as a bi-product when rapeseed is processed for oil. The meal is a major supplement of protein (minimum 36-38% of protein by weight) only next to soybean and is known to be cheaper of the two options. It also contains a very low amount of glucosinolates, which cause a metabolism disruption in cattle and pigs.

Rapeseed ‘oil cake’ is also used as a fertilizer in China and even for ornamentals such as Bonsai. It contains high sources of nitrogen and phosphorous and is even an essential source of vitamins (B and E), minerals, amino acids (methionine and lysine) and fiber (13%).

Where is it cultivated?
It is used for feeding mostly cattle (both ruminant and non-ruminant), pigs and chickens in many countries, including India. Indian rapeseed meal is produced for both local markets and even export purposes. The major origin places in India include; Uttar Pradesh, Assam, Haryana, Punjab, Bihar, West Bengal, Gujarat, Jammu and Kashmir, Punjab, Rajasthan, Himachal Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh & Orissa. India exports the product (nearly 1.2 Million MT every year) mainly to countries such as; Taiwan, Korea, Vietnam, Indonesia, and the Middle-East. The rape meal is cultivated and used in various countries such as; Austrailia, Canada, China, the United States, and Europe.

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One of the leading manufacturers, suppliers and brokers of Rapeseed DOC; we pride ourselves on providing the best quality rapeseed meals for cattle in the industry both for both exports and domestic purposes. The rapeseed oil is processed using the most advanced technology and that too in purely hygienic conditions which tends to keep the nutritional value intact for the most part. The final processed meal consists of rich oil and moisture content and acts as the perfect protein-supplement especially for dairy cattle.

The meal is prepared and processed under the supervision of the experts so that the final product matches the latest norms of quality and nutrition in the industry. The meal provided by our firm is known to improve digestion and immunity in the cattle. Our rape meal is packed in optimal and precise conditions of temperature and other factors so as to ensure that it is not easily contaminated and even has a better shelf life than our peers. The buyers have the packaging option of both bulk and PP bags as they please.

Protein: O & A 38%.

Our Rapeseed Products

  • Hygienic packaging
  • Long shelf life
  • High nutritional value
  • Easy digestion
  • No contamination


  • Rapeseed meal oil & albuminoids 38% sand / silica max 2.5% moisture max 10% fibre guaranteed max 12%

Rapeseed Facts

  • 3rd leading source of vegetable oil in the world in 2000, after soy and palm.
  • world's 2nd leading source of protein meal.
  • Only one-fifth of the production of the soy meal.
  • grown on 13% of the cropped land.


  • Bulk in Container, Jute Bags, 50 kgs pp Bags

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