What is Soybean DOC or Soy meal?
Soybean Doc or meal is a byproduct or residual substance obtained by the grinding of soybean for extracting oil. The meal is widely used as a protein supplement and filler in animal diets namely; horse, sheep, cattle, pig, fish, and chicken. The Soya Bean De-Oiled Cakes are rich in natural nutrients and are used widely for feeding purposes. There are basically two categories of Soya meals or DOC: the Hipro (high-protein 50+) soya meal and the regular soya meal (with less protein content than former 46+).

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We as a firm have high credibility in terms of resourcing to bring forth the best-quality assortment of Soybean DOC for both domestic markets and export purposes. The best grade soybean is processed or goes through several mechanical extractions (multi-stage) and various physical procedures under strict hygienic and specifically controlled conditions by using the finest technology and expellers in the industry and that with special initiatives taken to meet the current norms of quality and food standards of the niche. The products are prepared in such a way that they always retain the original nutritional values. We have the most experienced individuals on board to help with the essential quality checks and also to make sure that products prepared are according to the diversified needs of our customers.

It is packed under strictly controlled conditions and monitored with special consideration to hygiene so as to make sure that it stays free from the contamination and has an overall better shelf life. Our complete gamut of Soybean Doc is available in a wide array of packaging options for customers and that too at quite reasonable prices in the whole industry

Features of Soya DOC

  • Contains 48% Proteins
  • Contains below 1% SS
  • Contains 5% Fibre
  • Good source of energy
  • Rich in protein
  • Contains less fat
  • Low on moisture (11%)
  • Free from harmful adulterants
  • Reasonable prices
  • Assured quality
  • Hygienic packaging
  • Highly nutritious

Available In

  • Jute and PP bags


  • Moisture   12% Max
  • Protein   46% Min.
  • Oil Content   1.25% Max
  • Sand & Silica   2.5% Max.
  • Fiber   6% Max.
  • Urease Activity-At 30°C   0.3mg/g Min.

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